Tongue And Groove Router Bit 2 Pcs Set

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You'll have a new level of precision when you use these Tongue And Groove Router Bit. The design keeps your bit true to size, while the carbide-edged blades allow for smooth and accurate cutting. You'll quickly be able to remove the material with minimal tear-out. Use these in your table saw router or any other CNC machine. The durable hardened steel bodies are designed to last. Made from high-quality carbide-tipped teeth.

THE FEATURES OF OUR Tongue And Groove Router Bit 2 Pcs Set: 

  • Carbide Teeth Design: This Groove Router Bit Set is designed to cut tongue and groove joints in a wide range of wood and composite materials. It has carbide teeth and four removable cutters so you can make joints in a wide range of stock thicknesses. Use it to make joints in home décor and furniture pieces and in cabinetry, cabinets, and furniture cabinet joinery. This Tongue and Groove Joint Assembly Router Bit Set can be used on hardwoods, softwoods, laminate, particle board, plywood, and many other materials.

  • High-Quality Router Bit: This Professional Router Bit Set makes it easy to complete the toughest projects. Made of solid hardened steel and industrial-grade micro grain carbide blades, these routers produce a sharper and longer-lasting edge. Unique anti-kickback design ensures safe installation. High hook/shear angles allow cutters to slice smoothly into stock providing clean, splinter-free cuts.


  • Type: T-Slot Milling Cutters
  • Material: Carbide
  • Shank Diameter: 8MM
  • Balance: +/- .003" tolerance 
  • Body: Solid Hardened Steel 
  • Blade: Industrial grade micro grain carbide 
  • Cutter: CNC ground to a 600 grit, mirror-like finish

Package include:

  • 1 x Tongue And Groove Router Bit 2 Pcs Set