Hot Cold Gel Knee Compression

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Hot Cold Gel Knee Compression is great for injuries as they warm up quickly and stay cool to the touch, allowing for pain relief. This knee compression keeps muscles warm and relaxed and helps to relieve soreness. The soft, comfortable material will not irritate the skin and the velcro strap allows for easy application. The gel pack stays cool and does not melt or sweat. You can use it for your knees and back.

ICE PACK FOR INJURIES: The velcro strap makes this Gel Knee Compression easy to secure to the desired area. The soft and comfortable material allows for a warm and comfortable ice pack. The max pack size allows for easy coverage to the back, shoulders, and knees. The pack is microwave safe and can be used in the freezer.

HOT COLD PACK FOR KNEE: This Hot Cold Gel is a must-have accessory for home or clinic. It's easy to heat and freeze in a microwave. Use for hot or cold therapy on your knee, thigh, or any large area of your body for instant pain relief. The hot and cold compressive gel is non-toxic, food grade, and mildew resistant. This Pain Relief Reusable Gel is great for wrists, elbows, ankles, and knees.


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