Flexible Silicone Water Stopper Barriers For Bathroom Floor

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Looking for an easy way to keep water in a shower or tub? Try our Water Stopper Barriers For Bathroom Floor that are designed with a unique shape and flexible silicone construction. You won't have to worry about water damaging your floor or damaging your home. It's easy to install, and it creates a better seal around the threshold to keep water inside the space you want it to. This Silicone Water Stopper Barrier is perfect for curbless showers and other areas where water needs to be contained.

Flexible And Easy To Use: These Water Stopper Barriers are flexible and easy to use. Crafted with a unique design, they can also be used in other areas where they are needed. The flexible design creates different shapes which keep water contained inside the threshold. The waterproof silicone material means they are perfect for use in areas where water needs to be contained. 

DURABLE MATERIALS: These Flexible Water Stopper Barriers are ideal for use in bathrooms and other areas where water needs to be contained. They create flexible shapes that make them ideal for any application. The durable and long-lasting silicone material ensures that these Shower Dam Flood Barriers last for years without a need to be replaced. The flexible design creates all sorts of shapes to make the application simple and fast.

    Package Included:

    • 1 x shower barrier Water Stopper(Length depends on your choice.)