Finger Grip Strength Trainer - Finger Expander Ergonomic

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Strengthen your muscles and sharpen your reflexes with this Finger Strength Trainer. Wear this grip strength and reflex training device to help improve your grip strength and reflexes. This Simple Grip Trainer helps you to perform a variety of yoga and fitness exercises. This is perfect for people who have a weak grip and wish to strengthen and strengthen them.

HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL: This Finger Grip Strength Trainer is made of high-quality materials of Neoprene and is elastic and comfortable for all finger types. The material of the strap is high elasticity and strength. It has great elasticity and is comfortable for all finger types.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This Hand Yoga Resistance Band is designed to help you increase your strength and stamina. It will maximize your range of motion, strength, and stamina. It is also useful for improving cardio, endurance, and muscle endurance. This small but effective device can help you get fit and healthy.

Packing List - 1*Finger Extensor Exerciser