Backpack For Birds Breathable Lightweight Bird Travel Backpack With Food Cup

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This Bird Travel Backpack is designed to be compact and portable to take with you wherever you go. It's also a great way to travel with your bird when you want to go out without it getting cramped in its cage. The cage rests on top of the backpack so your bird can get a good view, enjoy fresh air, and have a place to perch when relaxing. All of your bird's food and toys are stored in the backpack so they can easily be taken to and from any vet appointment.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Perfect for travel, this Backpack For Birds is the perfect choice for carrying your pet. Designed to hold your bird securely, it has a lightweight and durable construction that is easy to carry and store. It provides comfortable, padded seating for your bird to rest in during travel. A convenient cup holder is included so you can keep your drink close at hand. You will feel comfortable and safe with this Lightweight Bird Travel Backpack to take your beloved pet along on your journey.

COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The Breathable Bird Travel Backpack is designed with a comfortable handle on top that makes carrying your belongings easier. A smooth zip is easy to open and close. This lightweight bird backpack is the perfect choice for a day out on the town or a short excursion. Lightweight and easy to carry, you'll love the comfort and convenience of this Outdoor Travel Pet Backpack.