3d Multi Angle Measuring Ruler 45 Degree And 90 Degree With Carpenter Pencil

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The Multi Angle Measuring Ruler is a necessary tool for the carpenter, electrician, or handyman. You can make use of it easily and in different ways. You can measure the angle of the carpenter pencil at the correct angle. With this angle measuring bracket, you can measure the angle of the carpenter pencil at 45° and 90°.

USEFUL FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES: The 3d Multi Angle Measuring Ruler is useful for various purposes. You can use it in construction, engineering, architecture, and also in carpentry. The angle bracket is useful for measuring and transferring the dimensions to beams, tubes, or three-dimensional parts. The markings are transferred directly through the rectangles. This Woodworking Gauge Ruler can be used for various purposes due to millimeter and graduated scales.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: With this High-quality Precision Ruler, you can make accurate and precise measurements. The 45°and 90°an-gular scales allow you to make precise angled measurements with ease. The drawn-out scale makes it easier to use with a planer and the integrated drill gauge makes it easy to determine the drill size. 


  • Colour: Gray
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: ‎Mitre angle
  • Size: ‎150 x 275 x 66 mm
  • Measuring Range: 45°and 90°angle