220w Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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Keep your chainsaw running in peak condition with this Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. Sharpening your chainsaw produces a more even cutting edge for smoother and more powerful cutting. , making it great for cutting in the garden. This item is an easy-to-use and clean sharpener that is suitable for wood, metal, and plastic chains. A convenient carry bag makes it easy to store and transfer.

220W CHAINSAW SHARPENER: This Handy Chainsaw Sharpener is designed for easy use and maintenance. It has lightweight and small size which makes it easy to carry with you, and the sharpening process is quick. The sharpener is durable, and it also has enough power to sharpen even the biggest saws. The sharpening process is easy and convenient, and the price is reasonable.

HIGH-EFFICIENCY GRINDING: The  220w Electric Chainsaw Sharpener helps sharpen chains safely and quickly. This electric machine is designed to sharpen chains without the risk of damaging the saw or the saw chain. It is lighter, quieter, and more efficient than an electric chainsaw grinder. A new and improved design makes it superior to the chainsaw grinder.


  • Input Power: 220w
  • Size: 20cm*13cm*25.8cm
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240v~50/60hz
  • Grinding Wheel Size: 100x10x3.2mm