144 LED Miniscope Ring Light 0 - 100% Adjustable Lamp For Miniscope Light

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Get the perfect exposure with this LED Miniscope Ring. With a simple circular design, this versatile light can easily be used to create flattering light for any subject. The multi-media capabilities give more creative options for photographers. The LED lights allow for a warm and natural look that is perfect for studio photography.

THE FEATURES OF OUR 144 LED Miniscope Ring Light: 

  • Digital Miniscope: The 144 LED Miniscope Ring is the perfect lighting solution to help you create professional quality videos. This handy little device comes with an adjustable head and can be used in conjunction with your DSLR camera or other video recording device for creating stunning footage with ease. Simply attach the LED ring light to your camera and then draw it around your subject to create the ideal lighting for your shots.

  • 2 Brightness Settings And A Timer Function: This new and innovative LED Microscope Lamp has a wide angle of illumination, making it an ideal light source for a variety of applications. Powered by a simple AC adapter, this lamp has a convenient design that allows multiple accessories to be plugged in at the same time. The unit features 2 brightness settings and a timer function that allows you to adjust your lighting conditions to meet your needs. This Adjustable Miniscope Light is perfect for scientific or laboratory use.

    Package include
    1 x LED Ring Light