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Welcome to SRRIL. Here you shall get Latest Share Market Updates and News, on regular basis. Which includes company earning release, dividend announcements, bonus share issues and so on. Motto of these blogs are make our users financially literate and to achieve an absolute financial freedom. So lets begin.

First of all Please let me clear one thing, I share my views only. I don’t recommend any share to buy or sell. I am just a learner in this verse market. Also I don’t have any HOLY-GRILL formula to make money easily. I am in this market from last six years and I understand it a little. Lets start with today’s Share Market News.

Today Share Market News BRIEFS:

NIFTY previous day close was around 18114. Today NIFTY opened at 18229. It was a 100 points gap-up opening, but was unable to hold that position. Made a day high of 18241 and a day low of 17968, then closed at 18125, up by 0.06% , barely managed to close in green.

Also BANK NIFTY previous day close was around 40323. Today BANK NIFTY opened at 40961. A huge 600points gap-up opening. Made a day high of 41829 and a day low of 40508, then closed at 41192, up by 2.15%. Nifty closed in green just because of BANK NIFTY support today. It was a very good movement in BANK NIFTY after a long time.

According to Volatility Index INDIA VIX, reading was 17.61 (Closing basis) which was 0.34% up than last session. If we look Today Share Market in Briefs, it means that volatility was well contained today in the share market. Along with these, NIFTY MIDCAP (Down by 2%), NIFTY SMALLCAP (Down by 3%), NIFTY AUTO, NIFTY INFRA, NIFTY FMCG, NIFTY IT, NIFTY METAL etc all leading indices have shown weakness.

Share market major indices today
Major Share Market Indices Today

Share Market HOT NEWS:

Two hot shares of recent time IRCTC & IEX. Where IEX corrected today by 8.58% & IRCTC lose 12.98%. ICICI & AXIS BANK were among of the few gainers and BPCL & BAJAJ FINSERV were among of the bunch of losers for today.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED has declare its September qtr result, which is very eye catchy. Declared Results are following:

  • Consolidated profit increased 43% year on year and 11.4% quarter on quarter, to Rs. 13600 Cr.
  • Revenue from operations increased 49.8% to 1.74 Lac Crores.
  • Oil To Chemical or OTC business grew by 58% and recorded revenue of 1.2 Lac Crores.
  • Reliance Jio grew by 23.5% Y-o-Y at Rs. 3700 Cr.


I try to find gem specially in SMALL CAPS and MID CAPS. I believe those companies have more potential than Large caps to grow investments in comparatively lesser time. For short term swing trading I am keeping eyes on AARTI DRUGS, KP ENERGY & VIPUL ORGANICS. Also as of now I recommend Newbies to think twice before investing in any stock for the long term. Wait for stability in market. But if you’re thinking of starting a new SIP, then go for it. Because eventually you can average out your investments in long run if market corrects in short term. Though these are my personal views, please consult with your financial advisor before investing.

For last day’s market report and latest news click here.

Thank You for your time. If you are reading this blog till here then please post your age below as a comment. Also If you have any query then comment it down. I shall try to answer that with my little knowledge.

Share Market Suggestions:

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Also Therese a lot of books written on share market, Few are Fun and few are very hard to understand. I am putting here links of three books which shall help you to understand the investment journey better. These are Very easy, to understand the process of investments and very motivating. Do check those out.

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